The Rejuvenating Power of Light

       4D face lifting with the Fotona SP Dynamis laser is a non-invasive, non-ablative method of restoring a more youthful appearance by stimulating collagen and tightening of the skin.  It gives a more rejuvenating look by smoothing the wrinkles of the face and plumping facial features.  The laser treatment can be used on the face and neck.

How Fotona 4D Facelift works

The Fotona SP Dynamis represents the cutting edge technology of combining dual lasers in one machine for added versatility and effectiveness.  It works by gently heating and stimulating new collagen formation as well as contraction of tissue.  This results in replacement of volume and reduction of wrinkles, lines and folds. 

Step 1- SmoothLiftin™

This first step is performed intra-orally using a specially designed handpiece which directs the laser beam into the oral mucosa .  This results in tightening and volumizing from the inside out.  It reduces the depth of the nasolabial folds and restore lip volume.

Step 3- Piano®

The unique function of the Fotona laser allows deep penetration of bulk tissue heating that promotes skin elasticity and tightening.  This restores existing collagen and activate neo-collagenesis. 

4D Facelift results in:

  • Stimulate the production of collagen

  • Smooth wrinkles

  • Remove fine lines

  • Tighten skin

  • Remove creases

  • Reduce nasolabial folds

  • Tighten skin around the mouth

  • Remove sun damage

  • Restore fibroblast within the dermal structures

What can I expect from this treatment?

  • Most patients will see some immediate results, with the final result gradually appearing over 2-3 months.

  • There is no pain, though there can be a sensation of warmth and mild pinching sensation.

  • Slight peeling of skin may occur.

  • There is no downtime and you can resume daily activities after treatment.

  • There may be mild redness and swelling for a day or two.

The four Steps of 4D Facelift

Step 2 - Frac3®

A fractional beam is applied to the surface of the face targeting specific deeper tissue imperfections to compliment the effects of the intra-oral treatment.  This step restore tone and tightness and improves texture in the face. 

Step 4 - SupErficial™

The final step involves a light controlled and superficial laser peel.  This mode significantly improves skin smoothness, reduces skin surface irregularities and imperfections, giving the skin a pearl finish.

results may vary depending on individual response to treatment.