Neck Tightening

Smooth and tighten a loose neck

         Do you suffer from loose creppy skin of the neck?  This is often from loss of elasticity due to aging and can be genetic.  It can also be due to smoking and excessive sun exposure.  The decline in collagen production as we age causes dermal structures to become weaker leading to lines forming on the surface of the skin.  The good news is that loose skin can be tightened and remodelled. 

          We now offer a solution to this condition.  The Fotona SP Dynamis laser can greatly improve the texture and decrease the laxity of the skin in the neck.   It uses dual wavelengths involving the ND:YAG and ER:YAG lasers to stimulate new collagen production while tightening the skin. 

          This is a non-invasive, no downtime procedure which will give you a refreshed look.   A slight heating sensation will be experienced during the procedure.  Afterwards, mild redness of the skin with feeling of warmth may occur.  This will subside in about a day if not sooner.  Three separate treatments with 2 to 3 weeks between are recommended.  The actual number of treatments depend on the results desired and individual response to the treatment. 

results may vary depending on individual response to treatment